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How to Design a Tote Bag


How to Design a Tote Bag

Custom totes are an amazing item to have as part of your merch offering. Learn how to design one with Sandra.

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Lo que aprenderás

Who doesn't love a tote bag? Learn how to create cool merchandise for your brand, or just for fun.

Valor educativo

Today is all about totes. As a small or big business, as a grassroots or established artist, custom totes are an amazing item to have as part of your merch offering. They are an effortless promotional tool. If designed right, they speak louder than words. And they stay with your customers or community for the long haul. Because people carry your brand with them wherever they go. On this note, your brand identity should definitely be reflected in a beautifully designed and executed product. Luckily, we collaborated with Sandra to teach us all about her process.

By the end of the tutorials, you will know how to have ready-to-print, beautiful merch. So be sure to watch every second of this tutorial to understand how a freelance designer and illustrator go through this process.

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