Vector Editing

Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) is a robust marketing design software that provides a wide range of drawing, editing, and shaping tools for creating and manipulating vector graphics.

Here is an overview of the distinctions among the three types of tools available:

The drawing tools

You can generate vector shapes and lines from scratch with Linearity Curve's drawing tools. These include the Pen Tool, Pencil Tool, Brush Tool, and Shape Tool. Utilizing these tools, you can draw basic geometric shapes that serve as a foundation for more intricate designs, achieved by combining and modifying different shapes.

The editing tools

The editing tools in Linearity Curve empower you to modify existing vector shapes and lines. These tools include the Selection Tool, Node Tool, Scissors Tool, and Eraser Tool. The Selection Tool enables you to choose and move entire shapes, while the Node Tool allows for selecting, adding, deleting, and converting individual anchor points on a shape. The Eraser Tool facilitates the erasure of specific shape parts, and the Scissors Tool permits cutting a shape into multiple shapes with open paths.

The shaping tools

Linearity Curve's shaping tools provide the means to alter the appearance of existing vector shapes and lines by combining multiple shapes. These shaping tools encompass Boolean Operations, the Masking Tool, and the Shape Builder Tool. By utilizing these tools, you can create intricate and complex shapes by masking or configuring the intersecting behavior of multiple shapes.


The drawing tools in Linearity Curve are employed to create fresh vector shapes, while the editing tools are utilized to modify existing shapes. On the other hand, the shaping tools enable you to transform the appearance of existing shapes by combining multiple shapes. You can create intricate designs with accuracy and ease through the skillful combination of these tools.

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