Color is one of the most crucial elements of illustration and graphic design. In Linearity Curve, any path and shape can be edited, allowing you to alter its color and style.

Inside the Fill section of the Style Tab, you can access the Color Picker by tapping the Color Well (A) inside the first subsection. To change the color of your shape, you can either set the color value by using the HEX Color button (B) or by picking the color from the canvas by using the Eyedropper  (C).

Linearity Curve support three different fill types:

  1. Solid color
  2. Linear gradient
  3. Radial gradient

How to add a new fill

To add a new fill, select your shape and toggle on the Fill section in the Style Tab, or simply tap the Fill circle in the Color Widget.

How to add a fill gradient

After selecting your shape, tap the Color Well in the Fill section of the Style Tab.

You can choose the gradient fill option by tapping the button Gradient to the right.

If you tap the Gradient button, below two Gradient Style options will be available to you. If you tap the left button (A) you will choose the Linear Gradient fill option, if you choose the right button (B) you will choose the Radial Gradient fill option.

Tap on one of these options to choose the type of gradient that you wish to apply to your selected shape.

Editing Gradients

Each of the colors in your gradient is represented by a Color Slider on the Gradient Bar. A Color Slider looks like a teardrop with a circle in it. Your selected Color Slider will appear slightly larger than the deselected ones.

You can tap on a Color Slider to set its color via the Color Picker. Updating the color of a Color Slider will immediately update the gradient live in your selected shape.

Add a new Color to your Gradient

Tapping on the Gradient Bar between two Color Sliders will create a new Color Slider. Double-tap in the middle of the Gradient Bar to distribute the Color Sliders evenly. Swipe either direction along the Gradient Bar to flip the color points.

If you want to reverse the direction of your gradient, simply drag the color sliders to their opposite side.‍

Removing a Color from a Gradient

Tap and drag a Color Slider down off of the Gradient Bar to delete it.

Change the Direction Angle of a Gradient

You can tap and drag on the gradient handles on the canvas to change the position and angle of the gradient.


To change the opacity of your Fill, open the Appearance section (1) and slide with your finger along the Opacity slider (A). Another option is to select the shape and then use the Opacity  slider (B) inside the Quick Actions menu at the bottom of your selected shape.


To blur shapes in Curve, select the shape and open the expandable menu Appearance  (1) inside the Style Tab. Slide with your finger along the Blur slider (A) to control the intensity of the Blur effect.

The Blur effect will affect the stroke outline and the fill content of your selected shape simultaneously.

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