Canvas settings like grids and guides can be adjusted to align with your team design requirements. Customizable Grids, Guides, and snapping functionality assist with precise positioning, proportions, and alignment. Tailoring these settings to specific design projects promotes efficiency and ensures artwork consistency and accuracy.

Most of the Canvas Settings can be activated from the Quick Settings popover located on the left side of the Inspector bar. To open it, tap the


Canvas Settings window

To access the canvas Settings window, tap the Settings ic-settings icon button at the very top of the Quick Settings and then select Canvas ic-canvas icon from the sidebar.

In this window, you fins sub-windows as View, Snapping, and Customize Interface.

By opening this View sub-window, you can quickly turn on and off some functionalities as Rulers ic-rulers icon, Guides ic-guides icon , Smart Guides ic-smart-guides icon, Dimensions ic-dimensions icon and Touches ic-touches icon.

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How to use guides in your designs.

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Isolate Active Layer

The Isolate Active Layer ic-isolate-active-layer icon feature will focus on the Layer that you’re working on and hide all other layers from the view. When the Isolate Active Layer switch is enabled, only the paths placed in the active layer can be edited, and all other elements will be grayed out.

Auto Expand Layers

The Auto Expand Layers feature will automatically expand the nested layers you’re working on.

Outline Mode

The Outline Mode ic-outline-mode icon feature will show your document elements as wireframe outlines without color or texture.

Outline Mode is like an X-ray mode for your document. Although just black and white, it allows you to see what's going on behind the scenes.

CMYK Preview

You can use this switch to toggle the CMYK Preview Mode.

If it's set to on, you'll see a preview of your document displayed in CMYK colors instead of P3 colors. If it's set to off, you'll see the default P3 colors.

Linearity Curve does not (yet) support CMYK color space; right now you're only able to preview your work in this space.

Canvas Rotation

This switch ic-canvas-rotation icon will unlock or lock the ability to rotate your canvas. When on, it allows you to rotate your canvas. If it's off, the canvas will be locked in place.

You can add the "Canvas Rotation" toggle to your Quick Settings for a faster workflow.

Magic Canvas

Toggling the Magic Canvas ic-magic-canvas icon switch will cause the Vectornator Interface to move out of the way when you are drawing or moving objects; revealing the canvas and freeing up working space on your device.

Show Quick Actions

This toggle allows you to display the Quick Actions bar below your selected element or not.

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