Share and Export

With Linearity Curve's seamless workflow, effortlessly send Curve files from your Mac to your iPad, facilitating smooth transitions between devices and enhancing your productivity and flexibility as a designer.

Curve allows you to share your editable files on multiple devices in different formats so that your clients have the option to edit the files further.

Sending a document to a different device

Our cross-platform functionality offers you the possibility to keep working on the same Curve (formerly Vectornator) document on a different device. On iPad and iPhone, you can export your document in the curve format from the Export Popover ic-export icon.

To do so, tap the Export button and then select Curve (1). A new pop-up window will appear from which you can share your file. You can also select directly Files (2) to save your file into a specific folder.


To localize all your Curve documents on your iPad or iPhone, you have to open the Files App > On My iPad / iPhone > Linearity Curve > drawings

Sending Files via AirDrop

AirDrop allows you to transfer files between Apple devices quickly and easily.

To transfer your files, tap on Vectornator (1) from the Export menu, and then use AirDrop (2) to send your files to the closest iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Sharing documents with iCloud

Every change you make to your Curve documents that are saved in your iCloud Drive will automatically be synced across all of your devices on which Curve is installed.

If you have a document saved in your local space, what you can do is to simply move it your iCloud space and then open it from a different device. To do this, long press the Document thumbnail in the “On my iPad” Gallery. From the Widget menu, and select “Move to my iCloud” (1) to move your file. You can now access the file from the “iCloud Drive” Gallery and open it from any of your devices in which Linearity Curve is installed.

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