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Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) is your go-to vector software for unleashing creativity and elevating your designs. This section will explore the powerful print and export options in Linearity Curve, designed to empower you with professional-grade tools for sharing, promoting, and collaborating on your artwork.

Linearity Curve offers a comprehensive range of printing settings, allowing you to achieve exceptional results when bringing your digital designs into the physical world. Whether you're preparing art for exhibitions, creating marketing materials, or assembling a polished portfolio, Linearity Curve's print options have got you covered.

share and export

With general presets you can quickly optimize your print settings for various paper sizes, ensuring your designs are perfectly tailored for different formats. Customizable layouts enable you to arrange multiple Artboards or pages effortlessly while including page numbers enhances organization and navigation within your print document.

Seamless integration with printers allows you to select the preferred printing device directly from Linearity Curve, simplifying the process and ensuring compatibility. Fine-tune paper handling attributes, such as paper type, print quality, and color management, to achieve the desired print outcome, resulting in professional-grade prints that accurately reflect your artistic vision.

Preview options allow you to visualize how your design will appear in various formats, ensuring your exported files meet your expectations. Create mesmerizing time-lapse videos of your design process, enabling you to share your artistic journey and captivate your audience.

Linearity Curve even lets you export your designs as AR (Augmented Reality) preview files, allowing you to immerse your audience in interactive experiences and showcase your artwork in a virtual environment.

Control the quality and resolution of your exported files, whether you need high-resolution images for print or optimized files for web and social media. Fine-tune the Artboard clipping behaviors to ensure that each exported file contains precisely what you want to share or print.

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