Customization options in Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) make it simpler and faster for you and your team to tailor your workflow.

Curve empowers you to arrange toolbars, panels, and palettes to suit your needs, enhancing the UI layout. This intuitive organization enables quick access to necessary tools, minimizing time spent navigating menus and panels.

Customize the Action Bar

The Action Bar at the top middle of your screen allows you to access useful operations to speed up your workflow, like undo, redo, zoom, copy, paste, and more.

The options in the Quick Actions Bar are context-sensitive, meaning they will change depending on what type of object you have selected.

To customize the buttons on this bar, open the Preferences panel by tapping the

button at the top left of the Inspector. Now select Customize Toolbar ic-beta-tester icon.

Manage Rulers

The Rulers ic-rulers icon can be turned on/off from the Quick Settings on iPad and iPhone. This switch will show or hide the fixed Rulers attached to each artboard. They will remain locked on your artboard, allowing you to use them as a reference point. Also, they scale up and down as you zoom in or out.

When activated, you can also add Smart Guides (those blue lines) to your document.

Setup Grids

Canvas settings like grids and guides can be adjusted to align with your personal requirements. Customizable Grids, Guides, and snapping functionality assist with precise positioning, proportions, and alignment. Tailoring these settings to specific design projects promotes efficiency and ensures artwork consistency and accuracy.

Linearity Curve supports two types of grids: the classic perpendicular square grid, and a triangle-based isometric grid. When a grid is enabled, it will display on top of your canvas, over your elements. Also, you can decide to snap your paths to align to the grid using the toggle switch in the Snapping Tab.

When tapping the Artboard & Grid button, a small window will open for you to change/see the Artboard Size and a toggle to activate the grid. Once you tap on Show Grid, the panel will expand and you can set a Perpendicular or Isometric grid into your board.


If you're on iPhone, we recommend you to turn your phone in landscape mode ic-doc-orientation icon when setting your grid.

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