Create and share projects

In this section, we will explore the process of creating a new project, including how to choose a pre-sized document to create your asset.

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Linearity Curve offers a variety of preset templates in a range of useful sizes for both print and digital designs, making it easy to create a new project quickly and easily.

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Create a custom-sized document

To create a new document a specific size, simply click once on a Preset Template or click the Show Details (F) button at the bottom of the window to open the Templates Options.

Here, you can set the Dimensions of your new document and the Units you prefer to use. Then click Create to open your new document.

Document Templates can be opened as a new document directly from the Document Window. You can do this at any time by selecting File › New.

The Linearity Curve Mac software has several helpful sample templates, including the iOS App Icon and several Social Media Templates.

On the left side of the Document Window, you'll find the template categories to help you navigate through the sections of the Preset Document Templates.

Here, you can choose to view all of the templates at the same time (1), or to view only your own custom templates (2).

You can also browse the different Templates Categories:

  • A - Paper
  • B - Devices
  • C - Resolutions
  • D - Social Media
  • E - Icons

Scroll down or click the category names in the menu to find the template you need quickly.

Create a New Document Template

You can save a document as a Template from scratch or by using one of the Preset options.

Open the Template Options by clicking on the Show Details button at the bottom of the Document Window.

Alternatively, the Template Options will open automatically after double-clicking on any Preset Template (1). In this tab, you can change the Size and Units of your Document, then check the box to save it as a new Custom Template (3) and name it.

If you select a Preset Template, the size and units displayed will change automatically. You can also click Hide Details (2) to close the Template Options.

Finally, click the Create button. A new Document will be created and open automatically.

Create custom Document Templates

You'll be able to find your saved Template in the Custom category, which you can access from the Sidebar.

Double-click on your custom template to create a new document using that template. Right-click on any template to delete it (A).

You can learn more on our site about social media Template sizes.

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