Linearity Curve has a small selection of image editing tools. To use them, select an image on your Canvas and then double-click on it to enter the editing mode.

Resize an image

To resize an imported raster image, you must activate the Selection Tool and select the image. Then activate the Scale Mode.

Now you can resize any imported image by dragging on one of its corner handles. If you want to keep the aspect ratio of your image intact while resizing it, hold ⇧ or click and hold the green circle at the bottom-right corner while dragging on the bounding box.

Click and drag on the grey circle within the bounding box to shift the center of the scaling operation.

Resize image options

Crop an image

By cropping raster images, you can refine compositions, eliminate distractions, or extract specific elements for use in your designs. Linearity Curves` (formerly Vectornator) intuitive Crop Tool empowers you to effortlessly manipulate imported images, ensuring that your artwork remains clean, focused, and visually striking.

The content-aware Image Section will appear in the Inspector on the right side of the screen, directly below the Location Menu, as soon as you import a raster image onto the canvas or into an Artboard.

Press the Crop Button ic-crop icon, and you can click and drag the Cropping Handles, framing the imported image to your desired x and y coordinates. Click Done when satisfied with the image cutout.

As soon as the image has been cropped, the Cropping Handles freeze in their position and transform into the Selection Tool bounding box.

If you wish to continue cropping, click Crop again, and you can continue cropping as the Cropping Handles become visible and movable again.

Another option to reactivate the cropping operation is to double-click on the cropped image; the original image is then fully displayed, and the previously frozen Cropping Handles are movable again.


Cropping a raster image is a destructive operation, contrary to cropping with masking - a destructive operation. If you want to reverse the cropping operation, click Undo ic-undo icon.

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