Shortcuts and Gestures

All the keyboards shortcuts for the individual tools are available on Linearity Curve from the menu bar > Tools.

VSelection Tool
ANode Tool
CScissors Tool
PPen Tool
NPencil (Freehand) Tool
BBrush Tool
TText Tool
R L ORectangle Line Circle
EEraser Tool
MShape Builder Tool
HHand (Pan around canvas) – Requires >iOS 13.4 and macOS system.
⇧⌘PPrevious Tool


You can customize your Curve tool shortcuts via Mac System Settings.

Pen Tool shortcuts

Curve supports specific shortcuts when you draw with the Pen Tool, allowing you to define the type of Bézier Node you're creating quickly. This way, you can easily control your path's curves.

Pen Tool + ⇧ Constrain the angle of the segment to multiples of 45° on both of your node handles.
Pen Tool + ⌥ + dragChange the previous node into a Disconnected Node. A Disconnected Node has handles that can move independently and change the direction and arc of the next curve.
Pen Tool + ⇧⌥ Enable 45º snapping on only one handle.
esc or double-click on the end nodeEnds the path and allows you to start a new path without switching tools.

Resize proportionally

While drawing or resizing objects, hold the

in order to lock the aspect ratio of the path while you're changing it. You can easily draw perfect circles and squares using this method. Alternatively, you can lock the proportions of your shape by activating the lock button inside the Arrange section of the Inspector.

Snap to X, Y, or Z axis

While rotating a shape or drawing a line, hold

to activate snapping to 45º or 90º degrees.

Set the direction of your shape

While drawing a shape using the Polygon or the Star Tool, hold and drag your mouse from the top to bottom to have the spike of your shape at the top or vice-versa.

Enter Isolation Mode

Double-click on grouped or masked objects to enter Isolation Mode and edit your grouped or masked objects.

Pen Tool shortcuts

In Linearity Curve, there are four useful gesture combos to help you define the Node type and change your path's curves while drawing with the Pen Tool.

#1 - Change node to Disconnected Type

While drawing a new line with the Pen Tool, hold a second finger onto the canvas to change the previous node to a disconnected type. A disconnected node has handles that can move independently and change the direction and arc of the next curve.

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