Insert text to your document by clicking the Text Tool ic-text icon in the Toolbar (1), or by pressing T on your keyboard, and then clicking anywhere on the canvas. A bounding box containing the word Text will appear on your canvas (2).

As soon as the Text Tool is activated, the content-aware Text Panel (3) will appear inside the Style Inspector.

Click on the bounding box and start typing with your keyboard to add additional text to the document.


To create a custom-sized text bounding box, click and drag on the canvas, and release.

Add text visual


⚠️ The added text is displayed in the Stroke and Fill color that is currently set. Additionally, the current font type and font size will be used.

Adding Emojis

Inserting emojis into your projects can add a fun twist to your designs. To add a new emoji to a text box, press fn + E or navigate to the Menu Bar > Edit > Emoji + Symbols. Click on the one you need in the window to add it to your text automatically.

Text import from Menu Bar


⚠️ Outlining Emojis is currently not supported.

Adding SF Symbols on Mac

You can add new SF Symbols to your document by opening the Library Tab ic-library-tab icon (1) and choosing the SF Symbol integration (2). Type a keyword into the Search Bar (3) to find the symbol you're looking for, and then click on it to add it to your document.

SF Symbols are text objects supporting San Francisco's family font weights and sizes. To change these, use the font-weight selector in the Inspector.

Also, you can easily turn them into vector shapes using the Outline Text ic-outline-text icon feature.

SF symbols import

Read more:

What are SF Symbols and how to use them in your design?

ic-external-link icon

Import text copy

With only a few clicks, you can directly import text from external websites or other software applications into Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator).

Select the external text block by clicking and dragging a box around the desired text and release when the text element is wholly selected. Copy the selected text to the clipboard with


Activate the Text Tool ic-text icon first and click on the text box. With

, you can paste the clipboard’s content into the current document.

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