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Harness the power of the Pen Tool

This powerful and efficient tool lets you define precise individual vector points and create custom paths with Bèzier curves.

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What is the Pen Tool?

Craft your vision with precision

The powerful Pen Tool is a toolbox staple for every vector designer. It helps you quickly plot Bézier curves—also known as vector paths—that you can curve, edit, and close. With its precise control and accuracy, you can confidently create custom typefaces, logos, illustrations, and more.

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Turn your concepts into assets with the Pen Tool

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Many design journeys start with a pencil and a sketchbook. Once you've got your design down on paper, our built-in Camera Scanner ic-photos-app-tab icon helps you capture and import it into Linearity Curve without the need for those big, old-fashioned scanners.

Add a new layer on top of your sketch layer, and begin tracing over your lines with the Pen Tool ic-pen icon.

Plot each anchor point with total precision and control.

Like the Batman and Robin of design tools, the Pen Tool and Node Tool are powerful partners. Think of the Node Tool ic-node icon as the Pen Tool’s sidekick! It lets you put the final touches on your design asset, with total control over the outcome.

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What sets the Pen Tool in Linearity Curve apart from other tools?

Creating vector illustrations requires precision. The Pen Tool ic-pen icon in Linearity Curve is your trusted ally, enabling you to draw pinpoint Bézier curves and adjust the direction and angle of paths to your heart's content.

While mastering the Pen Tool may be less intuitive than the Brush Tool, fear not. Linearity Curve has simplified the process for you.

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Precision control

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Content-aware options to guide you

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Custom-made gestures to speed up your design flow

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+1 millón de imágenes de alta resolución

Elige entre una biblioteca de fotos gratuitas para utilizarlas en tus diseños.

+200 plantillas de diseño

Lanza tus ideas más rápido con plantillas gratuitas listas para usar.

+80,000 iconos libres de derechos

Suelta estos elementos vectoriales directamente en tu documento.

Master the Pen Tool

Learn how to use the Pen Tool with these essential tips.

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Linearity Curve’s powerful suite of tools is ideal for designers of all levels. You can create user interfaces, social media posts, logos, lettering, and print designs, all in the same place. Then bring your designs to life by animating them in Linearity Move.

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