The Homescreen is where you can access your current Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) documents. They can be organized into Folders (A) and are ordered chronologically.

On the left, you’ll find the Sidebar (A), which you can open or close at any time by tapping on the ic-sidebar icon button (B) at the top left corner of your iPad screen.

Homescreen Sidebar


On iPadOS, you can collapse the sidebar so that your projects have even more space to breathe.

At the top right corner of your screen, you’ll find the following three buttons:

  • A – This button ic-plus icon allows you to create a new document by accessing the Document Picker, importing from other sources, and more.
  • B – This button ic-new-folder icon creates a new empty folder that will automatically appear in the Gallery.
  • C – This button ic-select icon gives you access to different editing options.
  • D – This button ic-social icon opens a window where you can control your account settings.

At the center of the Homescreen you’ll find the Gallery, where all of your documents and Sample files live.

Here you can create, open, and organize your Linearity Curve files.

Homescreen Topbar

At the bottom center of the screen (C), you will find information on how many documents you have saved and how much space is still available on the Linearity Cloud.

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With Linearity Cloud ic-linearity-cloud icon, you can edit files without an internet connection. Download a file while connected to work on it offline. Your work syncs when you're online again.

ic-external-link icon

Sample Files

Linearity Curve offers a variety of Sample Files. These documents are used as an example for a particular use case you can produce within the software.

You can find Curve’s Sample Files at the top of the Linearity Cloud Home screen. To open a Sample file, tap on it, and the document will open.

At the bottom center of the screen (C), you will find information on how many documents you have saved and how much space is still available on your Linearity Cloud ic-linearity-cloud icon.

From the Sidebar you can access different educational resources, specifically from the Learn and the News Tab.

Learn Tab

Your in-App resource for helping you master vector design and new ways of approaching design challenges.

To access this tab, simply click on Learn ic-learn-tab icon from the Sidebar.

In this tab, our team collects guides on how to use the tools in Linearity Curve with step-by-step courses, video tutorials and more.

News Tab

From this tab, you can get access to all the most recent Linearity news updates and blog articles in real-time. You can find this section by clicking the News ic-news icon button in the Sidebar. To access an article or piece of content, simply double-click on its card.

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