What is the best alternative to Canva?

Canva offers pre-designed templates for creating professional graphics online, but it has some limitations. That’s where Linearity Curve comes in.

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Vector-based tools beat raster

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Background removal

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Free images and icons

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Cloud storage

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Auto Trace

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Pen Tool

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Animation integration

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Figma import

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Sketch import

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Design up to 30% faster

with features like our Quick Actions bar, Shape Builder, and templates.

Optimize with AI-powered tools

like Auto Trace, Background Removal, and coming soon, AI-generated text and images.

Collaborate with your team

in one shared workspace. And coming soon, collaborate with each other in real time.

Superior templates

Linearity Curve offers a wide range of design-ready templates that are perfect for a variety of purposes. Whether your team needs social media posts, AppStore promos, or another marketing asset, we've got you covered.

Each template is available in the size you need, and is fully customizable to suit your brand’s vision.

Linearity Curve is the user-friendly software that allows me to design illustrations on the go.

Nastya Kuliabina
Nastya Kuliabina

Graphic designer

Next level marketing

Great marketing requires great visuals. And when it comes to telling your brand's story in an impactful way, you need the right design tools.

With Linearity Curve, your team can streamline their design process, so that they can focus on creating visually stunning and impactful marketing assets without worrying about technical challenges.

Plus, everything designed with our vector-based tools maintains its professional quality at any size, ensuring your campaigns always impress, whether they're being viewed on a mobile device or a billboard.

Bring your stories to life with Linearity Curve

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apple devices and illustrations

Feel at home in the Apple ecosystem

Linearity Curve has the modern, clean, intuitive, and simple design of a native Apple application.

The UI offers a beautiful interface with the powerful functionality for an optimal workflow. Linearity Curve is built to look and feel like an Apple product, and to integrate seamlessly into your team's workflow.


Endless third-party importing options

Since Linearity Curve is built by designers for designers, we’ve experienced the pain of bad import and export options in other tools before as well.

That's why we built a software that can be used completely standalone and in combination with other tools.

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Save time and effort with more than one thousand free templates. Each one is fully customizable, giving you complete control over your design. You can adjust colors, fonts, and layout to suit your specific needs, making each template your own.

Pon en marcha tus ideas con nuestras plantillas

No más mirar un lienzo en blanco. Linearity Curve alberga una colección de más de 100 plantillas de diseño que le ayudarán a empezar a diseñar de inmediato.

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