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Create stunning designs and animations

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Animate with one click

Auto Animate uses AI to instantly create high-quality animations from your static vector graphics.

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Move your animation process in-house

Take control of your designs and illustrations and save up to 80% on production costs.

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One subscription, two products

Seamlessly switch between Linearity Curve and Linearity Move to fine-tune your creations.

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Use Linearity to create...

Linearity is built for Business

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Easily create professional-quality animations in-house

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Accelerate your design process with AI-powered tools

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Reduce animation per minute costs by up to 90%

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Collaborate in real-time with Linearity

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Say goodbye to old versions

Linearity Cloud means team's shared designs and animations automatically sync for everyone.

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Join from anywhere

Collaborate on the go from MacOS and iOS devices.

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Unlimited users per workspace PRO

Collaborate in a shared workspace and see live edits from colleagues.

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Join Linearity's bustling community of designers and animators

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Free courses and templates

Take your skills from beginner to advanced animator.

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Hundreds of tutorials

Upgrade your animation game with tutorials for all kinds of assets.

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Detailed user guides

Learn how to take advantage of every feature.

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A plan for every budget 

We have plans to fit every business, from huge multinational companies to freelancers. Don’t see something that works for you? Get in touch.

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For anyone that wants to create illustrations or design marketing assets as a hobby.

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per month with a yearly plan

For professionals, small teams, and anyone who wants to create large numbers of high quality designs and animations.

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For teams in large organizations who want to scale their operations while optimizing costs.

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File Integrations

Stick to the tools you love. Linearity is compatible with Figma, Illustrator, and any other vector design format.

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Available on App Store

Enjoy a seamless, Apple-native experience on both iPad and Mac. Need to really get into the details? Grab your Apple Pencil for extra precision.

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Everything you can do with Linearity

Together, Linearity Curve and Linearity Move form a powerful unified design system. Explore what else they can do for you.

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