What is the best alternative to Affinity Designer?

Discover why designers choose Linearity Curve over Affinity Designer.

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Why choose Linearity Curve over Affinity Designer?

Affinity Designer was one of the was one of the first vector graphics editors available on macOS, but today, Linearity Curve offers a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Its clean, intuitive interface, and a suite of powerful tools cater to both seasoned designers and beginners, ensuring a smoother creative process.

Linearity Curve is designed to minimize any learning curve and ensure that you can focus on your creative work without getting bogged down in complex menus and tools. Plus, it's AI features, templates, and built-in asset libraries make designing a total breeze.

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Clean and easy-to-use interface

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AI-powered Background Removal

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Pen Tool

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Integrated Isometric Grid

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Figma + Sketch import

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Millions of royalty-free images and icons

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Customizable templates

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Design up to 30% faster

with features like our Quick Actions bar, Background Removal, and templates.

Optimze with AI-powered tools

like Auto Trace, Background Removal, and coming soon, AI-generated text and images.

Collaborate with your team

in one shared workspace. And coming soon, collaborate with each other in real time.

The future is in AI tools

Unlike Affinity Designer, Linearity Curve features powerful AI-driven tools. Our Auto Trace feature and Background Removal Tool ic-bg-removal icon handle the tedious tasks for you, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters—bringing your ideas to life.

I had sooo much fun working with Curve new tools and brand colors - as you know - pink&orange is my favourite combo!

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Affinity Designer and third-party pencils

Have you ever tried to connect your third-party pencils to Affinity? It probably didn’t work since Affinity limits you to using only the Apple Pencil.

Linearity Curve is optimized for iPad and Apple Pencil, but we also support third-party pencils like the Wacom Bamboo Stylus or even drawing tablets as the Wacom Bamboo Slate.

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Feel at home in the Apple ecosystem

Linearity Curve has the modern, clean, intuitive, and simple design of a native Apple application. The UI offers a beautiful interface with the powerful functionality for an optimal workflow.

Linearity Curve is built to look and feel like an Apple product, and to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.


Endless third-party importing options

Since Linearity Curve is built by designers for designers, we’ve experienced the pain of bad import and export options in other tools before as well. That's why we built a software that can be used completely standalone and in combination with other tools.

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Auto Trace

Linearity Curve saves you valuable time with AI-powered image tracing technology. Auto Trace chooses the best settings for your image but gives you the control to change them. Bring your photos and drawings to life in vectors.

Jumpstart your ideas with templates

No more staring at a blank canvas. Linearity is home to a collection of over 2000 templates to help you start designing immediately.

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