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Your tool suite for effective brand design

Linearity software helps you design assets, animate marketing materials, and curate your brand's visual identity.

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2-in-1 design & animation suite

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Brand consistency

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High resolution

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In-house production

On-brand design and animation at scale

With Linearity's suite of intuitive software, your team can design and animate branded assets at scale, in a fraction of the time.

  • Precision vector tools: Design vector assets with Linearity Curve's powerful Pen and Brush tools, then save them to your asset library for your whole team to use.
  • Intuitive animation: Bring your designed assets to life with Linearity Move. Seamlessly import your artboards from Linearity Curve or another tool, and watch Auto Animate do the work for you.
  • Brand consistency: Set up a Brand Kit or Style Guide with your logos, fonts, colors, and branded visual elements to ensure your team's designs are on-brand every time.
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Branded content for any channel

Linearity’s powerful features make designing and animating your branded assets a breeze. No matter the asset, you can create and animate it with Linearity.

  • Design assets aligned with your style guide: Linearity Curve and Move empower graphic designers and teams to efficiently create logos, business cards, social media posts, and more; enhancing brand visibility and engagement.
  • Create for any channel, in any format: Scale your social media content production with templates and preset sizes. Export your assets in whatever format you need.
  • Localize content at lightning speed: Designed to accommodate your target audience, Linearity supports languages like Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian, and other Cyrillic languages.
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Level up your creative process

Linearity gives freelance designers and teams the tools they need to create content that converts at scale.

  • Professional results, intuitive interface: You don't need pro design skills: With Linearity's user-friendly design, beginners and professionals alike can create high-quality design files without sacrificing performance or quality.
  • Time-saving AI features: Simplify your graphic design process with Linearity's AI-powered features like background removal, Auto Trace, and background replacement (coming soon). Turn images to vectors or cut key elements out of an image in just a few clicks.
  • Seamless integration and workflow: Linearity Curve and Move work perfectly together. Color palettes and vector assets you save in your Library will appear in both softwares, allowing you to drag and drop them into any project.
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Create branded assets for any channel with Linearity

Grow your brand trust, consistently


CTR increase


Hours of design time saved per month


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Reduction in design turnaround time

App Store Awards Finalist

App Store Awards Finalist

G2 Reviews

G2 Reviews

App Store Reviews

App Store Reviews

Over 6 Million Designs Created

Over 6 Million Designs Created

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Capterra Reviews

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Stop outsourcing. Start in-housing.

  • Social media assets: Use Linearity Move’s powerful Auto Animate tool to create stunning motion graphics for social media faster.
  • Digital ads: Use templates and preset animations to create YouTube intros and Instagram ads in minutes.
  • Branding: Save your branded assets to your synced Library for future use in all your projects.
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Stick to the tools you love. Linearity is compatible with Figma, Illustrator, and any other vector design format.

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Available on the Apple App Store

Enjoy a seamless, Apple-native experience on both iPad and Mac. Need to really get into the details? Grab your Apple Pencil for extra precision.

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