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Our journey so far

Starting with a bang
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Back in 2017, we introduced Linearity Curve (formally Vectornator) to the world with the goal of making professional digital design accessible to everyone.

16 Oct 2017

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Over the years our features expanded and our functionalities multiplied, transforming what started as a simple solution into a versatile software that now caters to design teams of all levels.

16 Jun 2018

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Embracing change
embracing change

With our sights set on the future, we embarked on a rebranding journey. We renamed our software Linearity Curve, and underwent a total transformation of our visual identity.

3 Jan 2023

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Elevating familiarity
elevating familiarity

Despite the visual overhaul, we're still the same design platform you know and love. With Linearity Curve, you can access your favorite tools and features, and there’s even more in store.

27 Jul 2023

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Our new look celebrates creativity, collaboration, and the people that use our tools. Its vibrant, bold, and confident. And it represents our mission to breath new life into the design process.

27 Jul 2023

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Ready for the future
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Linearity Curve marks a bold new chapter for our company, and opens the doors to new and exciting design capabilities, collaboration and AI features coming soon.

27 Jul 2023

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What do we mean by rebrand?

A brand is more than a logo or a name; it's the company's personality and how people perceive it. To really bring our new brand to life, we're putting our focus on three key areas:

How we express ourselves

We express our vibrant brand personality through bold visuals and a unique tone of voice across multiple channels. Our goal is to inspire creativity on all fronts.

How others experience Linearity

We're dedicated to making your journey with us a breath of fresh air, from exploring our blog to designing with our tools.

How we share our brand

Together, we create a robust brand ecosystem. Our team passionately champion our brand daily, our community embodies our innovative spirit.

The motivation behind the changes

Our previous brand served us well in the early days of Vectornator. However, as our software developed and our user base grew, we felt it no longer matched our vision.

Linearity Curve is no ordinary design tool—it lives and breathes with creative possibilities, and our vibrant new persona reflects this.


Our brand and product names

Our brand name, Linearity, is inspired by creating straight or curved vector paths, or linear lines. It encompasses our growing suite of products.

When renaming our software, we aimed to convey dynamism and transformation while emphasizing its vector-based tools. We settled on Linearity Curve, which pays homage to Bézier curves, the revolutionary mathematical equation that makes vector design possible.


Our new logos

Our new logos pay tribute to the original while incorporating modern design elements that reflect our brand's evolution.

The Linearity logo captures vector lines, motion, and creative collaboration, representing our brand dynamically and boldly.

The Linearity Curve symbolizes a pencil, one of our most loved vector tools and a symbol of creativity. Its curved edges and linear elements seamlessly align with our graphic system, perfectly complementing the Linearity logo.


Brand colors

After some playful exploration, we found our winning palette that captures the spirit of Linearity. Orange takes the lead as our primary color, symbolizing our brand's lively and spirited nature. We also included complimentary secondary colors, including a vibrant green, cheerful yellow, and joyful pink.

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We revealed our new branding to some of our top users

Providing them with an inside look into our vision for the future, we captured the exciting reveal on camera.

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