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Design custom business cards

While digital networking simplifies contact exchange, standard business cards remain essential.

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Make a lasting impression

When designed right, quality business cards can create potential clients from passing strangers. These credit-card-sized cards not only hold your business's info, but they're also a visual extension of your brand.

Linearity Curve's intuitive design tools empower anyone to create professional business cards that go beyond wallets and spark real connections.

  • Import your brand logo, visuals, and color palette.
  • Create front and back designs with multiple artboards.
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How to create a business card

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You can work on multiple artboards at the same time, so prep two canvases for your card's front and back. Optimal size: 3.5 x 2 inches.

Next, it’s time to import your logo, color palette, and branded assets. Don't stress about placement just yet; you can keep these elements outside the artboards and simply drag them in for that perfect arrangement. And hey, if your asset collection is feeling a bit thin, check out our Templates Hub—there’s a bunch of free icons and illustrations at your disposal.

Crafting an effective business card demands a strategic visual flow. It begins with the logo, followed by your name, and then the secondary details.

Linearity Curve’s intuitive tools make it easy to position and scale all your elements until they look just right. And the Layers Tab’s ic-layers-tab-2 icon groups and nested groups help keep your visual hierarchy super organized.

For an added touch of individuality, use the Background Removal Tool ic-bg-removal icon to seamlessly incorporate a polished photo cut-out.

Use the Text Tool ic-text icon to add your company's contact info. Linearity Curve comes with an extensive array of fonts ic-font-library icon, but we also support imported custom fonts. You have precise control over font styles, sizes, and colors, allowing you to effortlessly align your business card design with your unique brand aesthetic.

Typically, business cards feature a your name, company name, job title, phone number, email address, website URL, social media, or even a slogan.

Save time with business card templates

Design custom business cards in less than 1 business day. If you need a quick turnaround, starting from a blank canvas isn't always ideal. Fortunately, our Templates Hub ic-templates-tab icon offers a variety of contemporary business card designs, primed for effortless customization. Whether your brand exudes minimalism or boldness, you'll discover a business card design to match. Simply select your favorite, adjust the colors, swap the logo, and insert your contact details.

With this streamlined process, you'll free up valuable time to get out there, confidently pass around your new business card, and expand your professional network.

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One tool to rule them all.

On top of providing great tools for creating illustrations, Linearity Curve is great for other design cases too! For instance, you can create all your interface, lettering, and print designs right inside Linearity Curve; no need to switch to another tool.

Auto Trace

Traces any given image to vector in a few seconds with the power of AI

Pen Tool

Trace shapes, create lettering, and draw shapes with a perfect precision

Shape Builder

Create beautiful shapes and interesting designs with fun and ease

How to design the perfect business card

Elevate your business card design with expert insights from graphic designer, Will Paterson.

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Get inspired with our templates

No more staring at a blank canvas. Linearity Curve is home to a collection of over 2000 design templates to help you start designing immediately.

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