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Create an amazing animated icon in Linearity Move

Animate with Move

Create an amazing animated icon in Linearity Move

Learn how to create animated icons with Linearity Move. In this tutorial, we'll create captivating icon animations in a seamless and synchronized manner.

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    Animate with Move

What you’ll learn

Learn how to animate icons in Linearity Move.

Educational value

In this Linearity Move tutorial, you'll dive into the art of icon animation. Begin by learning how to create a new file and establish the right resolution and frame rate for your project. Learn the intricacies of importing and organizing icon elements; ensuring a streamlined workspace.

Navigating through the tutorial, you'll discover the secrets behind dynamic and playful animations. Dive into the final section to add a dynamic swing to the your icon, bringing a unique flair to your animation.

Throughout the tutorial, you'll gain hands-on experience with Linearity Move's fundamental animation principles, including keyframes, rotations, and size adjustments. Emphasizing proper layer organization and the creative application of animation concepts. This tutorial will equip you with the skills to animate diverse icons seamlessly. Elevate your animation prowess and produce engaging visual content using Linearity Move.

Once completed, preview your animation, and export your project to share your results with the world.

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Maddy Zoli
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