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How to animate an award announcement

Animate with Move

How to animate an award announcement

In this tutorial, you'll discover how to celebrate your news with an animated announcement.

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    Animate with Move

What you’ll learn

Discover how to animate text and objects like a pro and create seamless transitions between scenes using Linearity Move.

Educational value

Got exciting news to share? Let your success shine online with the power of animation. This tutorial is all about simple motion techniques that make a big difference to your content.

You'll learn:

  • How to start a new document in Linearity Move
  • How to import your static assets
  • How to animate text by manipulating its position and opacity
  • How to animate elements by changing their size and opacity
  • How to copy and paste an animation on another object
  • How to animate masks and images
  • How to pin keyframes
  • How to arrange animations on your timeline
  • How to switch between Design and Animation Mode
  • How to group layers in the timeline
  • How to edit the duration of your scene
  • How to create transitions between scenes
  • How to export your animation

Published on:

Maddy Zoli
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