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Designing Effective Promotional Visuals with AI tools


Designing Effective Promotional Visuals with AI tools

Dive into an informative session with Linearity's top designers Julia and Ralph as we explore how to create standout marketing designs with AI tools.

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What you’ll learn

A look into our use of AI, turning AI-generated images into vectors, how to create marketing assets and scale them

Educational value

This event focuses on adeptly navigating and maximizing Linearity Curve's (formerly Vectornator) AI tools, providing viewers with practical techniques to improve the software design workflows. From direct tool application to leveraging AI for smarter, more efficient design solutions, both new and experienced designers will gain tangible skills to elevate their marketing design projects effectively.

In this overview, our Product design Director Ralph will share practical tips on using various tools, and the power of Stable Diffusion models, for adding a creative background to your images.

Jùlia will then demo how to use Linearity Curve to create vibrant marketing materials, learn through real-use cases, and get a sneak peek into what the future holds for your design work, especially in AI marketing design.

This session is an insightful journey that promises to arm you with smart, user-friendly design strategies and a look into upcoming features to keep your marketing designs innovative and effective.

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