We're bringing a full-fledged Figma importer to Vectornator allowing you to continue working on your designs without the importing hassle. Now Figma Frames also get imported as such and not in the weird format like before.

For those who tried our previous beta version, we now also support the log in via Google.

This is why we join the open platform revolution

1) Switching: We want to make your lives easier, not harder. We know that some tools are better for specific things and every tool has their pros and cons. We want to give you the best design experience possible where you decide what tool you use for each stage.

2) Seamless Transition: In the new X3.9, Figma frames are now imported as artboards in Vectornator with the exact same files and frame names. No longer having the old one artboard for all. Besides that, there have been major improvements to our in-house SVG parser as well as other bug fixes making the transition into Vectornator as seamless as possible.

3) Your Data: The designs are created by you and you should control what happens to it. Our goal is not to keep you blocked in any tool but rather allow you to take it wherever you want and wherever you want to continue working with it. This is one step into our open ecosystem.

Bring your Figma files into Vectornator

1. Open the Document Picker and tap the Figma Card.

2. Allow access to Vectornator.

3. Authenticate using your Figma email and password.

From now on, you will have access to your Figma Recent Files. Tap on the one you want to import to Vectornator.

Start making your edits in Vectornator.