An Interview with Jaye Kang

Hey Jaye! So now that you’ve gotten a chance to use Vectornator 4.0, what are your thoughts?

Hey guys! I really am loving this new update! I especially like the Quick Action Menus. Since the update was released, I’ve been using them a lot in my creative process.

I love having the tools I need right where I’m working without needing to go to the Inspector tab to find them. It saves me a lot of time in my workflow.

I also love the updated macOS interface and the new home screen. I normally use Vectornator on the iPad Pro, so I haven’t normally used it on macOS.

But since this new update, I’ve tested the new macOS interface and I like it a lot! I think it’s a lot easier to use, and a lot more seamless to jump between using the iPad Pro and the Mac.

Now that the macOS interface is updated, the UI and app functions are almost identical. That’s super convenient, and it makes it easier than ever to switch between them when I’m working on a project.

I’m also loving the added SF Symbols and Emoji support. I use SF symbols a lot in my work, especially for special themes.

If I am working on an illustration piece that has the theme “digital world” or something like that, the SF symbols and emojis are really useful.

I also sometimes work on UI design projects, so I love having the flexibility to use these flexible SF symbols in my creative process for those projects.

I think the Redesigned Settings tab and new Quick Settings options have really improved the experience of using Vectornator.

The new redesigns are less complex-looking and feel a lot more elegant than the earlier versions. All of the Settings options are clear, intuitive, and very easy to find.

What have your first impressions been of Vectornator 4.0?

Overall, I have to say that I’m really impressed with it. Everything is much easier to navigate and use. All of the necessary functions are super easy to find, and the new UI is simplified but also very beautiful.

The new features have sped up my workflow a lot, especially the Quick Actions feature. I’m very excited to see what new developments are coming for that feature in the future!

Which feature are you the most excited about in this release?

For me, I would definitely have to say the Quick Action Menus. I am really happy that Vectornator 4.0 brought this feature to us; I’ll be using it a lot in the future.

What device do you usually do your illustration on? Do you use an iPad Pro or are you more of a Mac guy?

Most of the time, I use Vectornator on my iPad Pro. I really like having the flexibility to work in many different places, and it’s a lot easier to bring my iPad Pro everywhere with me. Being able to use a program like Vectornator that is built with the iPad in mind is really useful for me.

Now that you’ve had some time to test it out, what do you think are the biggest differences between the previous version of Vectornator and the new 4.0 update?

There’s a lot, but I think one of the biggest things for me is that this new version of the app is much more friendly for users. The newly updated UI is really good - everything is much easier to find and the workflow just feels smoother and more intuitive. All of the new features are great upgrades to the platform, and are helping me to work faster than ever before.

I can’t wait to see what the next few updates will have in store!

Thanks Jaye! We’re excited as well! Talk to you soon!

Jaye Kang is a Dusseldorf-based illustrator and visual designer from Chongqing, China with an unlimited passion for colorful ideas, and comprehensive experience in designing, illustrating, and creating for the editorial, advertising and design industries. He has worked with industry-leading clients such as Apple, Disney, Nike, Procreate, and Wacom, and has received more than 15 awards and accolades within the design industry.

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