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Step into a realm where conversations flow effortlessly, presented through a design that's as lively as the dialogues it facilitates. A radiant gradient backdrop highlights the iconic chat symbol, inviting viewers to picture seamless interactions. Ideal for tech companies or customer-centric businesses, this image is crafted to promote apps or platforms that prioritize efficient and user-friendly communication.

Customize this vibrant design using Linearity Curve by infusing it with your app’s unique visual language. Play with the color scheme to echo your brand's mood, switch the chat icon for your logo, and update the slogan to resonate with your core message. Add motion with Linearity Move, perhaps with bubbles that appear to float or notifications that gently nudge, drawing in users with the promise of a dynamic chatting experience.

This design isn't just about showing off an app's features - it's about inviting your audience to a space where every word leads to connection. When you adapt and animate this template, you're offering a new way for people to connect, share, and engage with each other in the digital world.

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Tech, Companies/Startups, Marketing Teams, Creative Agencies, Creative Teams


Tech, Ad banners, Product Review


Minimalist, Gradient, Flowy, Icon

How to download Linearity Curve Templates

  • Click 'Open Template', and your chosen design will download.
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  • With Linearity Curve installed, the template appears in your Linearity Cloud Gallery.
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How to use Linearity Curve Templates

It’s important to remember that all the elements within our templates are fully customizable, so feel free to use as much or as little of the already existing layout, colors, fonts, images, and shapes as desired.
Also, leverage all our intuitive tools - Brush tool, Pen tool, Shape Builder tool, Auto Trace, Background Removal, and so much more. Let our templates be the starting point for your limitless creativity

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