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With Linearity Move, you can turn your static designs into professional motion graphics in seconds.

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What is Auto Animate?

Bring your designs to life in seconds

Have you always wanted to animate, but never found the time or money to learn? Most animation tools out there are too complex. Between an irrelevant list of features and special effects you don't need, and an dense UI that makes it impossible to start, you need a better solution than traditional animation apps can give. That's where Linearity Move comes in, with the magic of automatic animation.  

Turn static designs into animation

First, create your design in Linearity Curve. Put each major step of your animation in a separate Artboard. For example, if you want a shape to move up, copy it onto another Artboard and move it up to where you want it to end up. Linearity Move will animate this automatically. You can also import projects from Figma, just make sure each step is a separate frame.  

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Streamline your creative process

Use Linearity Curve and Linearity Move together to save time! You can use Curve's powerful vector design tools and AI-powered features like Auto Trace and Background Removal to create you compelling designs, then import your Artboards to Move with just a few clicks (you can even copy/paste!). And Linearity Move has design tools as well, so if you need to make a few adjustments to your animation's design, you can do so easily right within Move. 

A library of assets at your fingertips

Take advantage of the library of icons, images, and templates that Linearity has to offer in your animations! Visit our Templates Hub for animated templates to inspire you and get your next project kicked off. Use the library of over 80k royalty-free icons in Linearity Curve to add a spark to your projects, or copy/paste one of the 2 million+ images from Curve's Unsplash library, completely free-to-use. 

Create motion graphics for social media in a fraction of the time

The Linearity Suite is perfect for creating animations for social media. Whether you are a graphic designer freelancing for a client, a marketing designer on a larger team, or an illustrator trying to get your own work out there, Linearity is an excellent choice. You can save your brand colors as a custom palette in Linearity Curve, and add your logo and other assets to your Library in both tools, making it easy to create new designs and animations in seconds.

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