Move Features

Design and animate – all in one place.

Skip software switching and achieve efficient scene editing in Design mode while seamlessly recording object changes in Animate mode.

Design mode vs Animate mode

Harnessing the power of Linearity Move's different modes

Maximize your creativity with the graphic-designer-friendly features in Design mode, then use those assets for intuitive scene editing and smooth animation creation in Animate mode.

Respond to feedback and make changes with Design mode

Ever wondered how you can change the color of one single object in just one move after that you finalized your animation? Well, that’s where Design mode comes in.

Design mode is a feature in Linearity Move that allows you to edit scene assets without affecting animations, making changes only to an object's appearance. You can also create new assets from scratch in this mode, without much effort.

Customize animated templates

vector shapes in green, orange, and pink on a black background
Workflow showing the process of designing in Linearity Curve and animating in Linearity Move
Templates in use

Begin by downloading the Gallery Chroma animated template and take a sneak peek at the animation in Animate mode.

Get a feel for how it looks in its original state.

Now, switch over to Design mode, where your creative prowess can shine.

Customize the animated template to suit your preferred aesthetic – taking advantage of color, shape, font, and cadence alteration capabilities.

After you've made the desired modifications in Design mode, compare the original design to the enhanced animation.

Notice how the animation structure remains intact, seamlessly marrying your style updates with the template's dynamic motion.

Animate on auto-pilot

Animate mode is where you change object values to create animations.

For example, you can adjust an object's opacity to make it fade out of the screen. Animate mode records these changes as keyframes on a timeline, which, when played back, smoothly transitions between different states of the object.

“Very intuitive, feels and looks like Keynote on steroids.”

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Ala Ho

andhuman Marketing Agency Owner

Put designs into motion

Get Linearity Move now, a simple yet powerful animation tool that seamlessly integrates motion and design. No prior skills required.

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Switch modes, not software

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly switch between Design and Animate mode within Linearity Move, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple software programs.

Let your animation adventure begin

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Linearity Move's powerful suite of tools is ideal for animation design. You can create promotional videos, dynamic text animations, and professional logo animations with ease.

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