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Circle Sale Instagram Post Template

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This Instagram post template is designed to announce sales with a pop of color and modern shapes. The contrasting circles and lines in bright colors grab attention, while the bold text invites customers to take advantage of a special offer. It's ideal for businesses looking to highlight discounts or promotions in a visually striking way.

With Linearity Curve, you can customize this template to fit your brand. Change the colors to suit your style, update the text with your sale details, or add your logo to make it yours. For a more dynamic post, use Linearity Move to animate the graphic elements, like making the circles expand or the text zoom in, to catch the eye of potential customers.

By using this template, you’re not just putting up another sale notice, you're creating an engaging visual that stands out in a busy social media feed. It's an effective way to draw attention to your promotions and get people excited about what you're offering. A personalized, lively post can make the difference between someone scrolling past and someone stopping to see what the sale is all about.

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Gradient, Black, Simple, Geometric, Neon, Black Friday, Sale

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How to use Linearity Curve and Move Templates

It’s important to remember that all the elements within our templates are fully customizable, so feel free to use as much or as little of the already existing layout, colors, fonts, images, and shapes as desired.

Also, leverage all our intuitive features - AI backgrounds, import from Figma with our plugin, Brush tool, Pen tool, Shape Builder tool, Auto Trace, Background Removal. In Linearity Move you can also use Auto animate, GIF export, Animation presets and Design and animate mode. Let our templates be the starting point for your limitless creativity!

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