Kelvin Color Temperature

Kelvin color temperature is a measure of the hue of a light source. It is based on the principle that a body radiator emits light whose color depends on the radiator's temperature. The higher the temperature of the radiator, the bluer the light it emits. The lower the temperature, the redder the light.

The Kelvin scale describes the color of light sources, with low numbers corresponding to warm, yellow-orange light and high numbers corresponding to cool, blue-white light. For example, a light source with a color temperature of 2700K is warm and yellow-orange, while a color temperature of 6500K is cool and blue-white.

Kelvin color temperature is often used in lighting design and in the film and television industry to set the mood or tone of a scene. It is also used in photography to balance the color of the light in a scene with the color of the film or digital camera sensor.


The amount of space between two letters and the process of adjusting that space.

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In animation and video production, a keyframe is a reference point used to define a specific point in time in an animation sequence or video. Keyframes are used to mark significant moments in the animation, such as changes in position, size, color, or other properties of an object or character.

A keyframe represents a specific frame or moment in an animation where the animator sets the parameters for the position, rotation, size, or any other properties of the object or character being animated.

These parameters are then interpolated between keyframes to create the Illusion of motion.

In computer animation software, keyframes are usually represented as diamond-shaped icons on a timeline.

The animator can add or remove keyframes, adjust their timing, and edit the properties of the object or character at each keyframe to create the desired animation.

3D Kitbashing

3D kitbashing is similar to traditional kitbashing, but instead of using physical model kits and parts, it involves using 3D modeling software and digital assets to create custom models. You can do this by combining and modifying pre-existing 3D models or by creating new models from scratch. 3D kitbashing is often used in 3D modeling and animation, where it can be used to quickly create custom models for use in movies, television shows, video games, and other forms of media. It is a flexible and efficient way to create custom 3D models and can be used to create various models, from characters and vehicles to environments and props.

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