Margin and Padding

The terms margin and padding are specific layout terms. The layout term margin signifies the empty space around an element. The layout term padding signifies the space between the element content and its child elements or inner borders.

Implementing margins and padding in layouts assures the precise structure and readability of the content. The correct margin and padding placement prevent the UI from becoming crowded or empty.

margin and padding

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Layout Design

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Used to show parts of an object into a specific shape.


A mockup is a presentation of a product that showcases it in action. Mockups are often used in presentations or design and product proposals. The purpose of a Mockup is to communicate to team members, potential clients, or investors the final version of the product before starting the design and production process.

The main advantages of creating a mockup are:

  • Inform and convince clients to purchase the product.
  • Pitch your product to investors
  • Communicate your product vision to team members for clarification
  • Visualize the final version of your product
  • Create a visual library for marketing assets.

These are the most predominantly used mockup types:

  • Print mockups
  • Device mockups
  • Branding mockups
  • Packaging mockups
  • Product mockups
  • Social media mockups
mock ups visuals


While using the iPad, you can work on more than one app or document simultaneously. With iPadOS, you have three following Multitasking Modes available:

1. The Split ViewThe Split View Button: Image source: Apple The apps are arranged side-by-side on your screen, and you can drag the slider, the so-called app divider, that appears between the app windows to the left or to the right to adjust the screen view.

In Curve (formerly Vectornator), you can use the Split view to import an image via drag & drop, visualize two documents simultaneously, or even drag + drop color palettes from Procreate.

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Read more in our User Guide on how you can import an image into Curve via Split Screen view. This feature is also very useful if you want to drag + drop color palettes directly from Procreate into the Color Palettes Menu of Curve.

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