Learn Curve on Mac

In this course, we're digging deep into every aspect of Linearity Curve on Mac. Our video tutorials are all about hands-on learning, helping you get a grip on each feature, tool, and setting.

Learn Curve on Mac

What you’ll learn

Learn how to get started with Linearity Curve on Mac.

Educational value

In this course, we’re going to go through each feature, tool, and setting — basically every nook and cranny of Linearity Curve on Mac — one video at a time.

Our video educator Aysel will show you how Linearity Curve (formerly Vectornator) can help you in each step of your design process and use your Mac from ideation to handoff. Each unit has short lessons and hands-on projects to download for practicing our software while watching!

The first episode is to get you set up in Curve first. We’ll explore the Homescreen and learn how to create, open and organize your design projects. We’ll deep-dive into the Document Picker and how to get your first designs off the ground with the vast collection of Artboards Templates.

In the second episode, we'll take a look at the document interface and learn how make the most of your workspace by learning tips & tricks, shortcuts, and more. ‍ In the third episode, Aysel will guide you through creating your first vector design, a simple yet attractive landing page! You’ll understand the basic design concepts of working with vectors, how to create complex shapes by combining tools and create circle patterns, particular stars and ripple effects.

In the fourth episode, we’ll learn to use Linearity Curve’s editing tools as Eraser and Scissors Tool, for crafting social media content.

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