What are vectors

Design Theory

What are vectors

At the beginning of your design journey, you might wonder: Should I work with raster graphics or vectors? Here’s a guide to help you decide.

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    Design Theory

⚠️ Vectornator is now Linearity Curve. In the video, the previous Vectornator interface is displayed.

What you’ll learn

Every beginner designer should know the difference between Vectors and pixels. so what are actually Vectors and why is it so important? Learn with us.

Educational value

In this tutorial, we'll explore the distinction between vector and raster graphics. We'll learn that vector graphics, created using mathematical formulas, can be scaled without loss of quality and are highly editable.

We'll also discover the versatility of vector graphics for applications such as printing, logos, illustrations, animations, and more. On the other hand, raster graphics, made up of pixels, become blurry when scaled up and have larger file sizes. Converting between vector and raster formats is simpler for vectors.

Throughout the tutorial, we'll see how Curve streamlines the process of working with vector graphics. By the end, you'll grasp the benefits of using vectors and how Curve can enhance your digital projects.

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