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How to draw a koi fish


How to draw a koi fish

Learn how to use the Pen Tool in Linearity Curve for creating organic curves and shapes. Aysel will guide you from gathering the basics to designing a koi fish pond illustration.

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⚠️ Vectornator is now Linearity Curve. In the video, the previous Vectornator interface is displayed.

What you’ll learn

Master the Pen Tool in Linearity Curve for designing a koi fish pond illustration.

Educational value

In this tutorial, you will learn essential skills related to the Pen Tool, a powerful tool for vector drawing. This tutorial covers the basics of using the Pen Tool, including creating shapes, manipulating handles, and understanding different note types such as asymmetrical, symmetrical, single, and disconnected notes. The focus is on practical applications, with a specific emphasis on drawing a Japanese Koi fish.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to master the technique of drawing with the Pen Tool ic-pen icon , understand how to create various shapes and curves, and gain proficiency in adjusting and manipulating vector paths. Aysel will show you alternative methods for creating disconnected nodes for a more fluid drawing experience using the Node Tool ic-node icon for fine-tuning your vector paths. Additionally, you'll learn about advanced concepts such as Masking ic-mask icon , allowing for precise control over design elements without erasing parts of the drawing.

This tutorial progresses beyond basic skills, demonstrating the creation of fish outlines and introducing Booleans operations ic-boolean icon for creating cuts in lily pads.

In the final stages of the tutorial, Aysel covers techniques for adding shadows ic-shadow icon to enhance the overall composition, providing a comprehensive learning experience for those looking to improve their vector drawing skills and create a Japanese Koi fish illustration.

Enhance your digital art skills and unleash your creativity with this tutorial!

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