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Designing Scalable Marketing Templates


Designing Scalable Marketing Templates

Join our team for an enlightening webinar exploring the capabilities of Linearity Curve. Gain hands-on insights into leveraging templates to create diverse and compelling digital designs for platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Engage in practical walkthroughs from Nastya's design tips, and take a peek into upcoming, exciting product Linearity Move.

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What you’ll learn

Anatomy of a marketing template, scaling your designs, working with templates, exploring the Linearity Templates Hub.

Educational value

Call them shortcuts, fast lanes, or cheat sheets but the term “templates” have been buzzing and for a long while now. We are no strangers to templates and we would love to share our experience on building, using and working with templates.

In this workshop, our Templates Team Lead Nastya will take you all the way through the anatomy of a template, up to the point of how to scale your designs and adapt them to your branding. You will find out how to work smarter, not harder, with scalable template builds, compositions, and building your assets in a more efficient way, straight from our templates hub.

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