Our first impression of a brand often stems from its product photos. That's why it's crucial for e-commerce businesses to use high-quality images that showcase their products effectively; these images are essential for engaging potential customers and impacting our decision to buy.

However, not every business has the budget for elaborate, on-site photoshoots that can run into thousands of dollars. This is where the magic of our new AI Backgrounds feature for Linearity Curve comes into play. It’s a powerful background generator lets you create the product photos you've always dreamed of.

What is the AI Backgrounds feature?

This smart feature offers a cost-effective solution to elevate your product photos without the need for expensive studio time or elaborate photography setups.

It uses generative AI to craft tailored backgrounds that seamlessly blend with the foreground, considering aspects like lighting, shadows, and reflections for a perfect match.

Whether you want to place your product on a marbled surface or on the moon, changing your photo background to your desired setting is as simple as a few clicks.

Credit cards on various backgrounds generated by the AI Backgrounds feature in Linearity Curve

Infinite creative possibilities

Whether you're a small business looking to compete with larger brands or an entrepreneur wanting to make a strong online debut, our powerful background generator provides the flexibility and creativity you need to showcase your products in the best (and most creative) light.

While your product rightfully takes center stage in any great product shot, the image background also plays a pivotal role in establishing the right tone. While white backgrounds offer a clean and crisp aesthetic, let's be honest—they can be a little dull. Fortunately, our AI Backgrounds tool offers a seamless solution for enhancing your brand's visual appeal.

The creative possibilities are boundless. Anyone can transport subjects to entirely new contexts or environments, effortlessly crafting studio-quality images with just a few clicks.

Choose a theme from our library

There are two ways to create AI-generated backgrounds in Linearity Curve.

When you tap on the "AI Backgrounds" button you'll see two tabs: Categories and Custom.

The Categories section is where you'll find a vast selection of high quality backgrounds in almost any theme you can imagine, including "textures," "fabrics," "space," and "cityscape." Within those categories you'll find a range of background styles to choose from.

  1. Simply select the background you like
  2. Hit "Generate"
  3. Our software will automatically place your photo subject into the scene.
  4. You'll receive a range of options to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit.

Or generate your own custom background with a prompt

Product images ought to embody your brand's unique personality. If our in-app selections don't quite align with your vision, you can take matters into your own hands and create your own AI-generated backgrounds.

We offer you the flexibility to enter your own custom prompt or upload a reference image. Don't hesitate to describe the exact background scene you're envisioning. With the intelligent technology of our powerful tool, the possibilities for bespoke backgrounds are limitless.

If you’re on Linearity Starter, you'll be limited to 10 tries per month. Linearity Pro users, however, enjoy up to 50 uses each month. With every use, our AI Backgrounds feature generates 4 preview options for you to choose from, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

Make-believe settings that really sell it

If you've explored popular AI art generator platforms like DALL·E, you've likely encountered instances where the AI doesn't quite hit the mark. Whether it's an extra finger on a character's hand or an overly literal interpretation of your input, these quirky outcomes remind us that machines, much like humans, aren't perfect. However, with our AI Backgrounds feature, we're delivering AI-generated backgrounds that are exceptionally realistic.

When you import your original photo, our generative AI analyzes the context, including factors like position, lighting, shadows, and reflections. This attention to detail guarantees that the newly created background seamlessly blends with the foreground, producing a final image that looks strikingly real.

Background categories for the AI Backgrounds feature in Linearity Curve

Not just for product photos

The AI Backgrounds feature is a game-changer for product photos, but its versatility doesn't stop there.

This advanced background generator can also be used to place people, pets, or other subjects into the perfect backdrop. Whether you're creating family portraits, professional headshots, or comical images of your friends in imaginative settings, the AI Backgrounds tool provides endless possibilities to enhance and personalize your photos with stunning backgrounds.

Professional headshot of woman made using the AI Backgrounds feature in Linearity Curve

Eager to give it a try? Update your Linearity Curve software to access this amazing background changer. The results are sure to take your visual content to the next level and revolutionize your design process.

Want your photo to have a transparent background? We've got you covered! Linearity Curve is a fantastic app for editing backgrounds, featuring an AI-powered Background Removal Tool. With just a single tap, you can create crisp, clean photo cut-outs effortlessly.

Follow our tutorial for editing your product photos