In the fast-paced world of marketing, time is money. Every minute spent crafting assets is a minute taken away from strategizing and executing campaigns. That's where customizable animation templates come in. They're pre-made, versatile, and ready to go, allowing you and your team to save valuable time on asset creation.

Now, you might be wondering, why use animation? Well, integrating motion into your content holds the key to capturing audience attention in a cluttered digital space. Whether you're announcing a product launch, a special sale, an explainer video, or a company milestone, animation helps your messages to stand out.

If you're a newcomer to animation or have yet to dip your toes into its waters, our templates offer the ideal starting point to embark on your journey without any technical skills. They're pre-designed and ready for simple customization, allowing you to produce high-quality animated content without the hassle of starting from scratch.


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How to use animated templates in Linearity Move

Our Templates Hub is home to a wide range of design and animation templates that are free to download and customize to your liking. Getting started is effortless—simply choose a template that resonates with you, import it into Linearity Move, and use our user-friendly tools to add your unique touch.

Step 1

Choose a template

When you're browsing through our Templates Hub, simply click on the 'animated' filter located in the top right corner. There, you'll discover our assortment of creative content featuring animated and customizable elements. We offer options tailored to the correct sizes for Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and various other social media formats. Plus, you'll find standalone animated assets that effortlessly blend into any project you're working on.

Select the template that catches your eye, then follow these steps:

  • Click 'Open Template' and your chosen design will download.
  • Open the file in your Mac (or iPad) Downloads folder.
  • With Linearity Move installed, the template appears in your homescreen gallery.
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Step 2

Customize it

Once your animated template is open in Linearity Move, it's time to have some fun with customization.

All the elements within our templates are entirely customizable. So, feel free to tweak the layout, colors, fonts, images, and shapes to your heart's content. Plus, make the most of our intuitive tools like the Brush tool, Pen tool, Shape Builder tool, Auto Trace, Background Removal, and others to add extra elements to the design.

You can also fine-tune the timing of each animation and transition by adjusting the animation curves. Dive into the tutorial below to learn exactly how it's done.


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Step 3

Share it

Once you're satisfied with your animation, the final step is to export it and share it with your audience. Whether it's for social media, a presentation, or any other platform, spreading your creation and driving engagement is as simple as a few clicks.