With our recent company rebranding in July marking our transformation from a startup to a scale-up, we are excited to introduce our new company values.

Our values are more than just words on a page. They're the guiding principles that shape our daily collaboration within the company, influence how we interact with our users, and steer our decision-making processes.

They're our strong base that forms our company culture. They keep us connected and united in our mission to bring stories to life.

Crafting our company values

After extensive discussions and workshops, we've made the choice to craft values that aren't only meaningful but also easy to remember and stick to our employees’ minds.

So, we've decided to go with four values in total. Our company's values are structured in an order that reflects our current business priorities: customer centricity, execution, ownership, and team collaboration.

Note that this sequence isn't set in stone and will likely change as our company evolves. To ensure our values remain aligned with our dynamics, we're establishing a values committee that meets on a regular basis to monitor, evaluate, and potentially adjust our values.

Our four core values

Our first value refers to customer centricity, reflecting our highest commitment to placing our users at the heart of all we do.

Our overall goal is to empower our users. In particular, marketing teams.

We want to create a meaningful impact for them by remaining closely connected and delivering substantial value.

Linearity company values: empower users

In a scale-up, getting things done is super important. That's why 'execution mode' is our second main focus. It pushes our whole team to work together with passion, to use our skills in the real world and produce tangible and impactful results.

Remember, don't let “perfect” be the enemy of “very good.”
Linearity company values: push the envelope

At Linearity, ownership means taking complete responsibility for your actions and inactions.

It's about being accountable for every aspect of your work, even those that might not be your favorite. Having the courage to make decisions and fully owning their outcomes is essential.

Also, blaming others isn't our way. We prioritize seeking solutions. Reflecting on how our actions impact our work is crucial, both as individuals and as a team.

Linearity company values: take ownership

Finally, great team collaboration is our fourth and last value, but certainly not the least important.

At Linearity, team collaboration means empowering each other, sharing knowledge, and being responsive across all communication channels.

We uphold a positive, proactive attitude, offering direct and constructive feedback. Our environment rejects ego and any form of discrimination. Harassment, racism, sexism, homophobia, and politics have no place here.

Linearity company values: grow together

Incorporating our company values into everyday practice

Making our company values a part of our everyday operations is a challenge. The leadership team needs to lead by example, always talking about and connecting these values to all our decisions.

We've started some initiatives, but we know this is a continuous process that doesn't have an end.

It's really important to get everyone on board. We want all employees to believe in and live out these values. It takes dedication and ongoing effort to make sure our values are a real part of how we work every day.

Our company value initiatives

Team workshops

We're making sure our values aren't just written down—they're part of how we work together. The People team held workshops with everyone to make this happen. In these sessions:

  1. We identified Linearities (this is what we call ourselves) who best embody our values and collectively defined the behaviors that signify high performance.
  2. We established a clear understanding of anti-behaviors that we don't tolerate within our organization.
  3. We self-assessed and evaluated our performance, pinpointing key interactions and actionable steps required to improve.

During these workshops, we've identified areas where we already align with our values while recognizing areas that require improvement and more focused action. The outcomes, along with proposed action steps, were discussed by the leadership team and shared during our Company Call.

Value-based cultural fit assessment in our recruitment process

We believe that it's about more than hiring individuals with the right skills. It's also about finding candidates who align with our values. This additional assessment for all roles and seniority levels allows us to dig deeper—beyond CVs—to ensure every person we bring on board shares our principles and approach to work.

To implement this values-based cultural fit assessment seamlessly, our People team took a proactive approach. They designed a database of specific questions tailored to each core value and trained all our hiring managers and interviewers on how to use it.

Value-based recognition program

This initiative aims to recognize our value champions. We spotlight individuals and teams consistently showcasing our values at work through our Kudos shout-outs using our HRIS, HiBob. Our Marketing Design team crafted some awesome templates for this.

Our introduction of Kudos Friday is a platform to uplift each other and end the week on a positive note. Additionally, we share some Kudos on LinkedIn, publicly acknowledging and appreciating our employees.

Values committee

As mentioned, our values aren't set in stone. As our company evolves and grows, our values may need to be re-evaluated and adjusted. To facilitate this process, we will introduce a Values committee consisting of members from all teams and seniority levels within Linearity.

This committee will meet once per year to review our values and conduct retrospectives to determine if we're living them, need to adjust them, or need to add or remove any values.

Our next steps

It's crucial for every individual at Linearity, regardless of their position, to embrace and embody our four core values. This emphasizes the significance of consistent communication in our monthly company meetings, department All Hands, and Slack discussions.

This practice guarantees that our actions consistently align with our values. Equally important is our commitment to address situations where we might stray from these values.

👉 If you find resonance with our values and share our vision to bring stories to life, check out our careers page and join the ride.

Linearity company values
Our Linearity company values