Hey designers!

We’re pretty proud of all the amazing things our software can do, but there’s always room for improvement. Nothing's perfect, right?

Like most apps and digital programs, you might run into bugs from time to time. We know these pesky problems are a pain when all you want to do is design, but bear with us.

We do our best to test how Linearity Curve reacts to different workflows, but we can’t possibly try every single combination of actions. That’s why you might come across unforeseen bugs when you’re designing.

In a bid to improve the entire Linearity experience, we’re asking you to report any issues that occur when designing.

That could be anything, from shapes not snapping correctly to the grid to the entire app crashing suddenly. Don’t hesitate to let us know. However, following a proper report process helps us tremendously when it comes to fixing issues quickly.

Jumpstart your ideas with Linearity Curve

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Found a bug? Here’s how to properly report it.

If something isn’t working correctly in Linearity Curve, we want to know about it!

You can report issues via the Bug Reporting forum or via support@linearity.io.

The reporting process is pretty straightforward, but we need as much information as possible so that we can understand exactly what error is occurring and fix the issue. The more precise you can be, the easier it is for us to fix the problem.

Please include the following information when reporting bugs:

  • Information about the device you were using, plus which operating system and Linearity Curve version you have.
  • Send us a short description of what happened. What tools were you using and what steps lead to the broken behavior?
  • Is this issue impacting all files or just one? If the latter, please provide the file (if it is a general issue then .curve format is preferred but if it’s a file format-related issue, forward it in the original/desired format). If the file is empty, there’s no need to send it.
  • Note down the time (hour, minutes, seconds) when the issue occurred.
  • If the bug is reproducible, please provide screenshots and screen recordings of the issue. Please ensure that the entire Linearity Curve interface is in view and have AssistiveTouch turned on for iOS devices so that we can better track your movements in the app. If you record on macOS with QuickTime or the native Screenshot app, the mouse clicks can be shown by turning this feature on in the settings.
  • Export Diagnostic Files. This step is especially important since time-stamped logs give us the key hints on what went wrong and how we can fix it.
  • If the app crashed, please send us a crash log.

Confused about diagnostic files and crash logs? It sounds technical, but don’t worry—they’re easy to locate.

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How to export diagnostic files and crash logs

How to get an event log

iOS: From the Homescreen -> The Sidebar to the left -> Settings -> Export Diagnostic Files.
macOS: In the menubar -> Help -> Export Diagnostic Files.

How to get a crash report

iOS: Go to iPad Settings -> Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Analytics Data -> Scroll down to see the crash reports named “Curve-2022-(MONTH)-(DAY)”. If there is a report, download the .IPS file and provide it to us in your email.
macOS: Open Console app → Crash Reports → Find Linearity Curve process → Right-click and press 'Reveal in Finder' → Download and provide the .IPS file.

How to share files with us

To share diagnostic files, crash logs, and other files with us, please upload them to any third-party file-sharing service, such as WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or similar, and paste the URLs into your email to us. Please make sure the correct sharing permissions for the files have been set before you send the email (they will likely be set to private by default, so double-check). Once again, our support email is support@linearity.io.

That’s it!

As always, we appreciate your support.

Other than bug reports, we also welcome feature suggestions and improvements. Add and discuss your brilliant ideas here.

And if you're reading this because you thought the ladybug looked cute, don't forget to download Linearity Curve before you go!

Jumpstart your ideas with Linearity Curve

Take your designs to the next level.

You’re the best! See you next time.

How to report bugs in Linearity Curve | Linearity
How to report bugs in Linearity Curve