We will bring a full-fledged Sketch Importer to Vectornator, allowing you to use your favorite design tools together and multiply their power.

This is why we are bringing Sketch Import to Vectornator:

In our previous release, we added support for Figma files and explained our open vision for the future of Vectornator. Here are the key points:

1) Switching

We want to make your lives easier, not harder. We know that some tools are better for specific things and every tool has their pros and cons. We want to give you the best design experience possible where you decide what tool you use for each stage.

2) Your Data

The designs are created by you and you should control what happens to them. Our goal is not to keep you blocked in any tool but rather allow you to take your designs wherever you want and wherever you want to continue working with them. This is one step into our open ecosystem.

Now, the next step for us is to add support for the UI Design industry standard, Sketch.

We believe it's time for everybody to design from anywhere they want whether it's on desktop with Sketch or on mobile with Vectornator.


We will launch X4 soon with many other features too, transforming the capabilities of Vectornator massively.

In the coming days, we will give you many more insights into what's next to come with the revolutionary X4 Release.

Stay tuned!

– Vladimir