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Say goodbye to costly and complex tools and hello to limitless creativity. Linearity Move offers a cost-effective and efficient way to animate your graphics. Leverage powerful software with an intuitive interface and seamless integration with Linearity Curve and Figma. Linearity Move offers an easy learning curve, making it the perfect tool for design professionals.

Our Auto Animate feature saves designers valuable time and eliminates the need for complex animation work. It smoothly transitions between object states across artboards, effortlessly delivering polished and professional animations in minutes.

Precision is key in animation, and Linearity Move has you covered. Set your own Pinsic-pin-button icon in the timeline to quickly and efficiently animate the section you want to, with no keyframe fiddling needed. Your visions will come to life with unmatched finesse.

We know your time is valuable, so we've integrated intuitive shortcuts that speed up your workflow. Focus on your creativity, not the technicalities.

Plus, we've made transitioning to Linearity Move a breeze with familiar tools like the Selection Tool ic-selection icon, Node Tool ic-node icon, Shape Toolic-shape icon, and Text Toolic-text icon. Your existing skills will shine as you step into the world of motion design.

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Animate at lightning speed

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Designers, even those new to animation software, can plan their entire animation in Linearity Curve and effortlessly bring it to life in Linearity Move. Linearity Move does the hard part for you.

Simply import a series of static art boards from Linearity Curve, and Linearity Move will automatically animate the gaps between them. Then, adjust these animations until the details are perfect.

With Linearity Move, design libraries are right at your fingertips, all within one seamless interface. No more need to juggle multiple tools ic-move-in-preset icon ; you can effortlessly access images, graphic elements, and icons in one place.

Take advantage of our powerful, all-encompassing creative suite. Design and animate like never before, streamlining your workflow and unlocking endless possibilities.

After completing your first draft, it's time to refine your work.

Utilize the Pivot Point Rendering ic-spin-out-preset icon feature. This tool displays an object's central point on the canvas as a precise scaling and rotation reference. It helps you maintain perfect centering in your adjustments, preserving the integrity of your design.

When adjusting keyframes ic-keyframe icon and timing, rely on Linearity Move's user-friendly interface. Easily tweak values and timestamps to fine-tune your animations, down to the smallest detail.

Effortless animation, maximum impact

Revolutionize design and animation with our cutting-edge design suite for graphic artists, illustrators, and social media content creators.

Auto Animate

Import files, arrange your frames into multiple scenes, and watch Auto Animate instantly bring your designs to life.


Select two design elements, place them on opposite ends of the timeline, click the

keyboard shortcut, and watch as a smooth transition animation is created.


Quickly and easily apply complex movements to elements with pre-made animations and effects.

Motion design has never been easier

Unleash the potential of Linearity Move's innovative animation features.

Create captivating animations, eye-catching video intros, and memorable motion graphics with the power of morphing. By choosing two design elements, positioning them at opposite ends of the timeline, utilizing the

keyboard shortcut, witness seamless transition animation come to life.

Stay ahead of the curve and leave a lasting impression on your clients with our extensive presets that will spark your creative animation endeavors. Get started for freeic-node icon

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