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Elevate your Figma designs with the Linearity plugin

Seamlessly export, refine, and add motion to your Figma projects.

What is the Linearity plugin for Figma?

The go-to tool for design multitaskers

With this plugin, exporting your Figma files becomes very easy, allowing you to bring them to life with our suite of design and animation tools.

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Design or animate?

The Linearity plugin makes exporting to Linearity Curve and Move totally seamless, allowing you to easily jump into elevating your design projects to the next level. You can choose to export your Figma layers or frames to either Linearity Curve for design or Linearity Move for animation.

✨ Export your Figma files to Linearity Move and effortlessly add motion to your static assets.

🎨 Or seamlessly export your files to Linearity Curve to continue refining your designs with our powerful drawing and AI tools.

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Fuel your Figma designs with motion

Figma's vector-based setup seamlessly merges with our tools. And when it's time to animate your static assets, Linearity Move truly shines.

When you export Figma "frames" to Linearity Move, they will be instantly imported as an individual scenes. If you select multiple frames, they will automatically be imported as individual scenes, allowing you to effortlessly create seamless transitions using Auto Animate.

Exporting individual layers? No problem. They appear in Linearity Move as animation-ready assets.

  • Instantly add transitions between Figma frames with Auto Animate
  • Add motion to individual shapes and objects with presets
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Bring designs to the next level

Figma is packed with fantastic features, but it does have its limitations when it comes to design and illustration tools. Exporting your Figma files to Linearity Curve opens up a world of design possibilities, including features like Auto Trace, Background Removal, the Brush Tool, and more.

With the Linearity plugin, exporting your Figma designs to Linearity Curve for further refinement is as easy as a few clicks.

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Over 6 Million Designs Created

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