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Jump ahead with animation presets

Linearity Move's customizable presets save you time by adding instant dynamic movements to your canvas elements.

What are presets?

One-click motion effects

Think of presets as your go-to animation shortcuts. With a single click or tap, you can effortlessly add fades, position changes, and dynamic effects.

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Quick, easy, and totally customizable

With Linearity Move's presets, adding motion to your project becomes a seamless process. Just select an object or text , pick a preset from the preset menu, choose your preferred direction and speed, and hit "apply:"

Despite presets being being pre-configured and ready-made, you still retain complete control over the outcome. Once a preset is applied to an object, you have the flexibility to make it your own by adjusting the properties and timing in your timeline.

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Automatic keyframing

When you dig deeper into the elements with presets in your timeline, you'll uncover the specific properties, like scale and rotation, that collectively define the preset's characteristics. This is where you can adjust each value and keyframe to your liking and play around with the timing of the animation. This way, the effect becomes uniquely yours!

  • Effortlessly add and edit fades, position changes, and dynamic scaling animations.
  • Customize attention-grabbing effects like “Jump” and “Jiggle.”
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Mix and match

You're not restricted to applying just one preset at a time. Feel free to add multiple presets to the same object for an added layer of impressive complexity to your animation.

With over 20 presets available, you have plenty of options to explore and experiment with different combinations. For a solid starting point, our designers recommend trying out "Fade in/out" and "Scale in/out" together. This preset paring elegantly introduces or removes objects from your scene, offering a seamless transition that holds viewers' attention.

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