Bézier Curve

Bézier Curves is the mathematical name used to create curves in almost all graphic design software and that can be defined by the the "Start" and "End" point, and the type of Handles of each Bézier Node.

Each Path goes from the "Start" point to the "End" point while the Node Handles define its curvature, giving it the name of "Curves".

bezier curve

Most design tools allow you to draw Bézier curves thanks to the Pen Tool and let you define those 4 parameters:

  1. Bézier Nodes (often called points)
    We refer to "nodes" as all the points that compose a path.
  2. Curves
    Any curves can preferably be composed by a minimum of 2 nodes.
  3. Handles
    The Handles are used to control the curve direction and will define the shape's path.
  4. Lines
    Lines are the connection between 2 single points (without handles).Vector paths are used in computer graphics to draw shapes. They can mainly be created using the Pen Tool.
bezier curve 2

Blue Hour (Photography)

Blue hour photography refers explicitly to the time window shortly before sunrise and immediately after sunset in the evening.

The blue hour is caused by the sun being enough below the horizon, which causes the blue wavelengths of light to dominate due to the Chappuis absorption caused by ozone.

Red light, with its longer wavelength, passes through space, while blue light, with its shorter wavelength, is scattered into the atmosphere, making it blue-colored.

In around 90 % of worldwide countries, the blue hour happens twice a day. The 10% of the remaining countries near the earth’s poles have a blue hour only once a day.

Photos taken during the blue hour have a distinct blue tone, indicating a cold Kelvin temperature.

The magic of shooting photos during the blue hour is that you can often capture stunning images of the blue sky contrasted against warm-toned artificial lighting, which projects a peaceful tranquility.


Blue hour photography. Image source:

Boolean Operations

They allow you to create new paths and complex shapes. The term “boolean” describes how shapes are combined, using values such as “and”, “or,” “not,” or a combination of these.

At its core, “Boolean” is a logic term that can be either “true” or “false,” and is commonly used in computer programming. In terms of graphics design, the meaning is quite similar. We use “boolean” to describe how shapes are combined, using values such as “and”, “or,” “not,” or a combination of these. Getting too technical?

boolean example

Simply put, Boolean operations are a very powerful tool for any product or graphic design project. A complicated-looking shape can be constructed in no time using the five Boolean operations present in Linearity Curve, namely Union, Subtract, Intersect, Difference, and Divide.

boolean example

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Brand Guide/ Style Guide

The brand guide is a tool to collect and organize the style elements of the brand identity of a company, product, or institution. The brand guide is an orientation for freelancers and employees on representing the company and maintaining visual consistency.

Brand colors (usually cataloged with hex numbers, RGB values for screen display, and CMYK values for print ) are essential aspects that will be defined. Additionally outlined are the color combination rules, the font type(s), formatting, capitalization, logo, layout, style, spacing, the tone of voice of the copy, and the guidelines for graphics, images, and videos.

The brand guide can sometimes contain additional technical, ethical, or legal specifications, such as non-disclosure agreements. The brand or style guide makes your brand recognizable and identifiable, as the visual and legible representation follows rules that ensure visual consistency.

A brand guide is of utmost importance in establishing a brand or rebranding an existing company, product, or institution.

Brush Tool

A tool used for drawing freeform paths with variable widths. You can find it inside the Toolbar (left side, sixth icon from the top) or by pressing the B keyboard shortcut.

brush tool

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