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Design freely with the Brush Tool

Our fluid and customizable Brush Tool allows designers to effortlessly paint with vectors.

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What is the Brush Tool?

Paint dynamic vector paths

Our touch-sensitive Brush Tool allows you to draw freeform paths with variable widths, providing endless creativity in every stroke. Choose from our collection of preset brushes or create your own customized vector brushes.

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Draw first, adjust later

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Drawing with the pressure-sensitive Brush Tool in Linearity Curve feels just like using a real paintbrush on paper.

If the smoothness value is set at 0%, the path will follow the free-flowing movement of your hand, and if the value is higher, it will smooth your brush curves and simplify the path.

The best thing about vector paths is that they are endlessly editable at any time, even after they've been created.

When you have a brush stroke selected in Linearity Curve, you can easily adjust your brush size, color, and shape, as well as roundness, angle and contour, and you’ll instantly see the changes. And you can even apply brush strokes to existing paths drawn with other tools.

Linearity Curve comes with a wide variety of brushes, but you also have the possibility to create your own.

The Brush Editor provides infinite possibilities for designing your own digital painting tools. Once you're happy with your settings, tap the save button to add any personalized brush to your library.

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