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How to animate with masks on iPad

Animate with Move

How to animate with masks on iPad

Masks make it easy to hide and reveal elements in your animation. Join Maddy as she demonstrates the process in Linearity Move.

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    Animate with Move

What you’ll learn

Discover how masks let you effortlessly control what appears in your animation.

Educational value

Masks offer a simple yet powerful way to play hide-and-seek with elements in your animation. They're the perfect tool for controlling what your audience sees and when they see it.

In this tutorial, Maddy guides you through the process of creating and editing masked objects in Linearity Move. By the end, you'll have a solid grasp on leveraging masks to bring life to text, images, and any other element in your animations.

You'll learn:

  • How to start a new document
  • How to import files and create scenes
  • How to switch between Design and Animate mode
  • How to create a mask using the Shape Tool
  • How to animate an object inside a mask
  • How to add images to masked objects
  • How to edit the shapes of your masks
  • How to organize elements in the Layers Panel
  • How to control the timing of your animations
  • How to use pinning
  • How to export your animation

Follow the tutorial by downloading the design file below.

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Maddy Zoli
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