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Learn Linearity Move for iPad in 90 seconds

Animate with Move

Learn Linearity Move for iPad in 90 seconds

We're all about keeping things quick and easy here, whether it's animating or getting you up to speed. Ready to get moving? Here's your rapid intro to Linearity Move.

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    Animate with Move

What you’ll learn

Discover the Linearity Curve interface, how to import your assets, and effortlessly animate them with Auto Animate.

Educational value

No time for lengthy tutorials? Here's your quick start guide for creating an animation in just a few taps.

With these fundamentals under your belt, you'll be well-equipped to create captivating animations from day one.

You'll learn:

  • How to navigate the Linearity Move interface
  • How to start a new document
  • How to import or draw your static assets
  • How to create scenes in your timeline
  • How to switch between Design and Animate Mode
  • How to use presets
  • How to generate an animation in seconds using Auto Animate
  • How to export your animation

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