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Workflow from Figma to Linearity Move

Animate with Move

Workflow from Figma to Linearity Move

Get started with importing designs from Figma into Linearity Move. Harness the prowess of Auto Animate, seamlessly integrated with Move's intuitive animation features.

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    Animate with Move

What you’ll learn

Learn how to import from Figma into Linearity Move, enabling you to auto animate your designs into beautiful animations.

Educational value

In this Linearity Move tutorial, you'll learn how to seamlessly integrate Figma designs into your Linearity Move animations, and have them auto animate in the process. Learn the best practices of importing scenes with a straightforward process, creating a bridge between Figma and Linearity Move.

Mursalleen guides you through essential steps, from initiating projects to smoothly transitioning static designs into dynamic animations. Learn how to effortlessly import between Figma and Move, making it easier to animate your designs.

Elevate your skills by learning how to import from Figma, fostering a creative workflow that seamlessly combines design and motion.

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