What is kerning

Design Theory

What is kerning

There are several techniques that designers can use to make typography stand out in their graphic design projects. Kerning is one of them. So let’s dive deep into the kerning rabbit hole to learn how we can create better designs by using this simple tool.

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    Design Theory

What you’ll learn

Another essential principle from our design theory series. What is kerning, and how to use it?

Educational value

In this video, you will learn about the critical concept of kerning in typography.

Kerning refers to adjusting the spacing between letters to improve your text's overall visual appeal and legibility. We will guide you through adjusting kerning values using the typography panel. You will know which letter combinations and areas typically require kerning adjustments for optimal results. You will also discover a pro-tip for enhancing your understanding of kerning by rotating the text upside down.

By the end of this video, you will have gained valuable insights into kerning and its role in enhancing the polish of your designs.

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