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Create a brand design system

Design with Curve

Create a brand design system

In this tutorial, we’ll create a brand design system using Linearity Curve. We'll start with a logo, create brand values, the brand color palette, decide on the typography, create a brand pattern and finally, we'll use the brand design system to make a mockup ad. Follow along with the process of crafting a brand design system in Linearity Curve!

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, you'll learn how create a brand design system in Linearity Curve.

Educational value

In this tutorial, we'll explore major aspects of crafting a brand design system. Our guide, Mursalleen, will walk you through the intricate details, from deciding brand values, color palette selection, and typography choices, culminating all the steps into creating a final mockup, incorporating all the elements of the design system.

We'll be exploring the following aspects of brand design:

Brand values:

Understand the principles behind using your brand values to guide your design system.

Color palette:

Explore the process of selecting a cohesive color palette inspired by the brand's core themes.

Typography choices:

Delve into the world of typography, and the logic behind choosing fonts that follows your brand voice and guidelines.

Brand pattern creation:

Develop a repeatable and visually engaging brand pattern using existing design elements.

Mock-up integration:

Understand how to seamlessly integrate your brand elements into a practical application.

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