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Create an Instagram Carousel Post

Design with Curve

Create an Instagram Carousel Post

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to design an Instagram carousel for your brand using the Linearity Curve. You'll learn how to create cohesive and visually appealing carousels that will capture your audience's attention and communicate your message effectively.

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    Design with Curve

What you’ll learn

Learn to import brand assets, create flowing image transitions, master masking techniques, and design cohesive carousels

Educational value

Ready to take your Instagram carousels from static squares to captivating, scroll-stopping stories? In this Linearity Curve tutorial, you'll learn how to design professional-looking carousels that grab attention and drive engagement.

Explore different carousel types, from brand storytelling to product showcases, and choose the perfect format for your message. Learn how to remove backgrounds like a pro, letting your visuals shine against clean, branded canvases, how to the mask effectively to seamlessly blend elements, creating dynamic transitions and layered effects.

Weave a cohesive visual story in your carousels by making clever use of your brand assets. Learn how to link slides with flowing image transitions, guiding viewers on a journey through your carousel narrative.

Infuse your slides with informative product details and calls to action, using text strategically to enhance your message. You'll get familiar with how to properly choose Instagram-friendly font sizes for maximum impact.

Ready to unleash your carousel creativity? This tutorial equips you with the skills and confidence to design carousels that captivate, inform, and inspire your audience.

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Nastya Kuliabina
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